Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Vegetarian Stall At Blk 27 Jalan Berseh(Operating from 7am to 3pm)

Located At : Blk 27 Jalan Berseh Off Jalan Besar Road(Behind Jalan Berseh Food Centre)

Singapore : HDB Kelantan
27 Kelantan Lane (S)208646
lat 2.322346 long 106.932883 | District : Jalan Besar
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day Special


My favorite dishes for all Mother's prepared from My FAVORITE VEGETARIAN OUTLETS "HOME KITCHEN". A simple meal prepared to show our appreciation to all Mother for all the thing that they have done for us. Endless love and care that they have given and never wanting anything in return.

Deep Fried "Fresh Oyster Mushroom" season to taste with self raising flour.

Steam Chinese Leaf Bun with Vegetarian ham;cucumber;tomatos;veg salad cream and peanuts.

Fried Tong Yam (White Noodle Bee Hoon)with veggies and mock meat.

Vegetarian Otah

Apple Pie

Vegetarian Sushi

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vegetarian Yong Tau Fu or Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Fu or Yong Tau Foo is known traditionally as a dish come with different kind of veggies or Tau Foo stuffed with fish paste. Now Vegetarian are blessed with the "Vegetarian Yong Tau Fu" stuffed with mock fish paste/mock meat paste. As a vegetarian I am lucky to be able to taste Yong Tau Fu and enjoy this food.

This is an updated posting of my report on My favorite Vegetarian Yong Tau Fu.
All pictures just taken today,like the bowl of hot Yong Tau Fu dish, simply taste delicious with the dark gravy and samba chilli. Every bowl cum with one small bowl of hot tasty soup(you can add in seaweed). Have a cup of coffee if you still can, KOUFU FooD Court口福 Coffee at this Outlets is good.

The last post did not include photo of this Yong Tau Fu Dish. Today while passing by this Town, I decided to take my lunch there and also to collect(I mean take some pictures)of my favorite Yong Tau Fu dish.Noted the change in the person operating the stall, but the preparation of this dish is still up to my expections(Dated 30/05/2009.)
Quote : Please keep me posted if anyone visit this stall and you find drop in standard. I will always like to come here when talking about eating Vegetarian Yong Tau Fu. As I said Best in Town so Far. email or post me any better stall, I will be most happy to try out.

Location of the Stall Selling My favorite Vegetarian Yong Tau Fu.

Toa Payoh Town(HDB HUB)KOUFU FooD Court口福 at 2nd floor.

Information on Toa Payoh Centre :
Toa Payoh
Town Centre
Toa Payoh Town Centre

Singapore : Toa Payoh Town P..
No Address (S)000000
lat 2.346418 long 106.923352 District : Toa Payoh
Singapore » Landmark » Park (Public Amenities)
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