Friday, March 27, 2009

My Favourite Vegatarian Laksa

My favourite Vegetarian Laksa come from this stall, located at Toa Payoh Lor 7 Blk 22 FC Market. The Vegetarian stall has been there since 20 over years ago. Before the Renovation and upgrading of the Lor 7 FC market, is was station in the centre roll of the Two roll older version food market. At that time is was operated by the previous Stall Owner(Middle age Lady). The Vegetarian Laksa she cooked was delicious and tasty, no soup was left everytime I order this dish. Her dry wanton noodle was also cook up the the perfect standard. This are the two dishes I go after for the past.

Presently, after the upgrading the stall was replaced by new operator a man and a women(middle age). They have continued to cook the same recipies as the previcous stall owner and even added more range of cook vegetarian food for customer to enjoy.
Example they have veg chicken rice,veg duck rice,veg prawn soup noodles and manay more. Unfortunately, the Laksa that I love to eat is only on Saturday and Sunday.
Check out The photo I capture, list of cook food available.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Favourite Vegetarian Dry Fishball Noodles - Mee Kia & Mee Pok

Vegetarian Dry Fishball Mee Pok Price todate $2.50/$3.00. All Pictures hot from oven today.

Today while I was having a meeting around Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, the taste of delicious "Vegetarian dry fishball noodle(mee kia/mee pok)" keep comming to my mind. The smell;chilli,the mee kia/mee pok cook to the right timing(Most important hot noodle and not cold for some outlet). All this keep reminding me to fly over to Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Blk 630 Coffee Shop(24hrs)for lunch.
Vegetarian Dry Fishball Mee Kia Price todate $2.50/$3.00(While picturing my Bowl of Mee Pok), too late my Partner already started eating his bowl of Mee Kia. Luckily still ... can picture for you.

It was in the 2006 that a vegetarian friend of mine told me that such a stall at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, which sell Vegetarian Cook Food(24hrs). He asked me have I tasted good Vegetarian Dry fishball Mee Kia/Mee Pok, if not this is the one I must try. For sure as a Vegetarian myself, I have tasted many types and different stall around Singapore coffe shop and hawker centre. He was right, till Today I still recommend this the Best ever tasted Vegetarian Dry Fishball Noodle in Town.

Singapore : HDB Ang Mo Kio
630 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 (S)560630
lat 2.396054 long 106.916151 District : Ang Mo Kio
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vegetarian Fried Dumpling/Roti John/Veg Prawn Ramen/Indian Rojak/Veg Chicken Rice

Singapore : HDB Hougang
501 Hougang Avenue 8 (S)530501
lat 2.387894 long 106.962044 | District : Hougang
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Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant formerly located at Lavender street Eminent Plaza. Some 5 to 6 years back(correct me if I am wrong) the Restaurant moved to this present Location at Hougang Ave 8 blk 501 under HDB Flat.(See picture front and back).

My first attraction to this Divine Vegetarian Outlet back then 5/6 years ago was while passing by Hougang Ave 8. The Banner of Ramen Hand made attracted me and my family to try out the new dish. Vegetarian hand made ramen till today is still hard to find not to mention good;tasty;delicious one which Divine provide(reasonable price charged)Their Ramen comes in many mixed, recommended "Veg Prawn Ramen" my family favorite. Others veg meat/tong yam/curry etc do try them.

After being here many times, our favorite dishes which we will order every time we visit this outlet for lunch : Veg chicken rice; fried dumpling; roti john;yong tau fu soup my daughter favorite; veg prawn for my son and my favorite Indian Rojak(only on Saturday/Sunday). There are others which we will try and get everyone posted. Not fogeting their fried Udong mee with Black pepper is also very delicious.

Surprisingly the plain looking Veg Chicken Rice taste delicious. especially with the chilli. Don't judge a book by it's cover explain this.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Italian Style Cuisine Best in Town @ Roma's Deli

100 Beach Road
#01-23 Shaw Towers

My Family loved to come here to have Mushroom soup,Baked Rice/Potato/Pasta, Spaghtetti,SoupBun,Salads,herbal toasted Bread and many more. All their set/menu is worth to try. The best Italian Cusine suitable for Vegetarian in Town. Recommend to all my friends and they loved the food. Furthermore they have set menu and the price is cheap and reasonable.
Everytime we visit Roma's will try new dishes and we are always happy.
My Family loved the food there and will want to come back again.

Singapore : Shaw Beach Road ..
100 Beach Road (S)189702
lat 2.312016 long 106.931771 | District : City Hall
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