Friday, February 27, 2009

Vegetarian Rojak

Blk 805 Hougang Central, Foodpark Coffee Shop Singapore 530805
(Formerly at 190 Middle Road #01-09 Fortune Centre)
Time: 0900 - 2200

Vegetarian rojak has become one of the healthy dish in Singapore. Their more and more outlet in coffee shop; food court; small shop eating house selling Vegetarian Rojak(even organic vegetarian rojak in some places). Firstly, all sauces like vegetarian prawn, plum, chilli, sugar, peanut are mixed together in a container. Cucumber, turnip, pineapple, green apples are sliced and added into it, followed by bean sprout, fried dough fritter and tau pok. Next, all ingredients need to be fried well-evenly in order to produce the best taste. Lastly, peanut are scattered all round and the end product, vegetarian rojak (also known as Singapore's salad) is ready to serve.

There are some stall that provide all Fruits Salad or Fruits Rojak. But today I am introducing one of the Best Vegetarian Rojak Stall formerly in Fortune Centre. Uncle Rojak located at Hougang Blk 805 Coffee.

Singapore : HDB Hougang
805 Hougang Central (S)530805
lat 2.386382 long 106.969463 | District : Hougang
Singapore » Landmark » HDB Blocks
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The Best Vegetarian Yong Tau Foo Tasted Till Now

Located at Toa Payoh HUB 2nd Level "Korfu Food Court", a Vegetarian Stall selling vegetarian cooked food, fried vegetarian bee hoon, vegetarian dishes with rice/brown rice, soup noodles,dry noodles etc. Out of all the vegetarian dishes that they are selling. The Best is their Yong Tau Foo with their vegeatrian sauce with chilli sauce. So far their vegetarian yong tau foo sauce is the best I have tasted.

I always go and have one bowl of Vegatarian Yong Tau Foo when I past by Toa Payoh Town.

***** Vegetarian Yong Tau Foo*****

Singapore : HDB Hub Toa Payo..
460 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh (S)310460
lat 2.348064 long 106.92351 | District : Toa Payoh
Singapore » Landmark » Public Building
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking for Good Vegetarian Roti Prata !

Vegetarian Roti Prata

This is the place if you want to eat Vegetarian Roti Prata, the prata and curry are good, prata making is very professional -crispy.
Other dishes recommended eating at this outlet are their; Vegetarian dry mee pok/mee kia only on every Friday, Saturday/Sunday try their Vegetarian Nasi Lemak.

Address:356 Hougang Ave 7 #01-803

Singapore : HDB Hougang
356 Hougang Avenue 7 (S)530356
lat 2.3881 long 106.973731 | District : Hougang
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Hi Tea Buffet Vegetarian go For Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant @ Novena

Vegetarian, looking for a place for "Hi Tea", you should try out LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant @ Novena Square.
Great food , Tim Sum non stop to try : cha siew pau; siew mai; cha siew soh; carrot cake is the best so far in town; ... etc.

Singapore : Novena Square
238 Thomson Road (S)307683
lat 2.335643 long 106.918943 | District : Novena
Singapore » Landmark » Shopping Mall
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Being there many times, vegetarian/non vegetarian should try, will like it.

Kindly understand that some information such as menus and prices may be subject to change.

* All prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST

Terms and conditions
期 限 及 条 件
- Minimum Two Persons 最少二位
- Not available on the 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar 每逢农历初一十五不适 共应
- Not available with other promotions, special privileges and/ or privilege cards 不 可 同 时 享 用 其 他 促 销, 特 供, 优 惠 卡 或 礼 券 等

• Hi Tea Buffet / 下午茶

Weekdays (excluding eve and on Public Holidays)

3.00pm-5.00pm (Last Order 4:30pm)

Adult @ S$10.20++
Child (Below 10 yrs) @ S$7.50++
(最少2位 Minimum 2 persons)

Steamed Dim Sum

1. 叉烧包 Steamed Char Siew Bun
2. 白雪饺子 Snow White Dumplings
3. 烧卖 Shao Mai
4. 潮州粉果 Teochew Dumplings
5. 粉包 Steam Cheong Fun
6. 白菜包 Vegetarian Dumplings
7. 糯米鸡 Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumplings
8. 八宝卷 Steam Vegetarian Roll

Baked and Fried Dim Sum

9.咸水角 Hum Shui Kok
10. 芋角 Yam Croquette
11. 煎萝卜糕 Carrot Cake
12. 煎锅贴 Pan-fried Dumplings
13. 炸素春卷 Spring Rolls
14. 煎堆仔 Sesame Balls
15. 餐包 Baked Char Siew Buns

Side Dishes

16. 酸甜软筋 Sweet and Sour Gluten
17. 咖哩软筋 Curry Gluten
18. 泰式酸辣汤 Hot and Spicy Soup
19. 素咖哩菜 Mixed Vegetables Curry
20. 特色炒面 Fried Noodles with Shredded Vegetables


21. 菠萝包 Custard Buns
22. 马蹄糕 Water Chestnut Jelly
23. 大福饼 Glutinous Rice Cake
24. 奶皇卷 Banana Custard Rolls
25. 豆沙卷 Red Bean Paste Rolls
26. 莲子红豆沙 Red Bean Rolls
27. 香芒冻布丁 Chilled Mango Pudding
28. 密制灵芝膏 Chilled Herbal Jelly

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

3.00pm-5.00pm (Last Order 4:30pm)

Adult @ S$15.00++
Child (Below 10 yrs) @ S$10.00++
(最少2位 Minimum 2 persons)

Steamed Dim Sum

1. 雪白饺子 Snow White Dumpling
2. 蒸烧卖 Steamed Siew Mai
3. 蒸粉包 Steamed Vegetable Cheong Fun
4. 金瓜糕 Steamed Pumpkin Cake
5. 素肉卷 Steamed Vegetarian Meat Rolls
6. 奶皇包 Steamed Custard Buns
7. 潮州粉果 Steamed Dumplings with Peanuts
8. 菠菜饺子 Steamed Spinach Dumplings

Baked and Fried Dim Sum

9. 芋角Yam Croquette
10. 春卷 Spring Rolls
11. 锅贴 Pan-fried Dumplings
12. 炸粉果 Fried Vegetable Dumplings
13. 萝卜糕 Carrot Cake
14. 叉烧酥 Vegetarian Pork Pastry
15. 咸水角 Vegetable Croquette
16. 咖哩角 Curry Puffs

Side Dishes

17. 特制摇滚沙拉 Rock and Roll Salad
18. 家乡四季豆 Sautéed French Beans
19. 宫保猴头菇 Sautéed Monkey Head Mushrooms with Dried Chilli
20. 法海金盏 Bag of Treasures
21. 王极豆腐 Deep-fried Beancurd
22. 凉瓜皇帝菇 Braised Bitter Gourd with King Oyster Mushrooms
23. 泰式酸辣汤 Hot and Sour Soup
24. 素罗泽 Vegetarian Rojak
25. 素咖哩菜 Mixed Vegetables Curry
26. 特色炒面 Special Fried Noodles with Shredded Vegetables


27. 莲子红豆沙 Red Bean Cream
28. 香芒冻布丁 Chilled Mango Pudding
29. 密制灵芝膏 Chilled Herbal Jelly
30. 奶皇卷 Custard Rolls
31. 马蹄糕 Water Chestnut Cake