Friday, March 27, 2009

My Favourite Vegatarian Laksa

My favourite Vegetarian Laksa come from this stall, located at Toa Payoh Lor 7 Blk 22 FC Market. The Vegetarian stall has been there since 20 over years ago. Before the Renovation and upgrading of the Lor 7 FC market, is was station in the centre roll of the Two roll older version food market. At that time is was operated by the previous Stall Owner(Middle age Lady). The Vegetarian Laksa she cooked was delicious and tasty, no soup was left everytime I order this dish. Her dry wanton noodle was also cook up the the perfect standard. This are the two dishes I go after for the past.

Presently, after the upgrading the stall was replaced by new operator a man and a women(middle age). They have continued to cook the same recipies as the previcous stall owner and even added more range of cook vegetarian food for customer to enjoy.
Example they have veg chicken rice,veg duck rice,veg prawn soup noodles and manay more. Unfortunately, the Laksa that I love to eat is only on Saturday and Sunday.
Check out The photo I capture, list of cook food available.

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