Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vegetarian Freid Carrot Cake "Black Style Sweet Type"

Vegetarian Freid Carrot Cake "Black Style Sweet Type"

It is rice cake made of rice flour and white radish. In Singapore and Malaysia this is often served in large rectangular slabs which are steamed and then later fried whole. It is also breakfast for most of us when we were young and the fried rectangular cake taste delicious eat alone.

Today, I will introduce you to fried carrot cake "Black Style Sweet Type"which is something that's commonly sold in hawker centres in Singapore, but not commonly sold As A Vegetarian Dish. The fried carrot cake is made of white radish and rice flour, cut into pieces - some I known used the carrot cake "hand made" while others order from factory which are machine produced. It is then fried in a wok with seasonings eg; msg,sugar or sweet sauce,light sauce and some added with chilli and vegetarian oyster sauce(eggs optional). You can choose it "black" or "white" style in some store. However, I am recommending the "Black" ones which uses black soy sauce (sweet type). Besure to check with the store owner, vegetarian stalls serves fried carrot cake with eggs or with out and if you don't take eggs please let the store owner know. You notice that the Stall that I am going to introduce can't be found on the map. The vegetarian stall at Circuit Road opposite Block 49 Circuit Road is serving vegetarian Chai tow kway "Black" The Stall Name is " Tong Long" ,morning is run by a man and evening by elderly lady. If you don't visit them now they are going to be relocated else where. Their lease end this end May 2009 and the FC will be going for upgrading.(Will update the new location once get info).

So far their black Chai tow kway is the best in Town(please provide me any info if you come accross one).

Just drop by Yesterday to had lunch and of cause the Black Chai tow kway a Must side dish. Learned that they are relocating to new place, haven't confirmed. A must try dish for Vegetarian, where else can you get vegetarian
Chai tao kway (Traditional: 菜頭粿; Simplified: 菜头粿)is a common dish or dim sum of Teochew cuisine in Chaoshan (China), Singapore and Malaysia and now even we vegetarian are not left out to enjoy this traditional dish.

Whenever I mention Fried Carrot Cake to my friends, I immediately think of my favourite stall located in Circuit Road Food Centre"Tong Long Vegetarian Stall". Fried Carrot Cake @ S$2.00 as dated 22/04/2009. Quote me any cheaper. Me and my Family have been patronizing this stall for at least more then 12 years. We like the carrot cake here because the carrot cake is tasty and delicious. The Stall " Tong Long" have many other dishes do try. Remember stop operating end May 2009.

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